What We Believe

At Macedonia, we believe that every person is wonderfully made by God, recklessly loved by Jesus Christ, and boldly empowered by the Holy Spirit.


Grace is the most fundamental attribute of the Christian lifestyle. It is broken down into three "modes." Each mode of Grace forms us into the Christian lifestyle and fosters a new way of life for all who pursue God.


God loved you before you even knew Him. Prevenient Grace is the love God had for you the moment you were conceived. This is what prepares our hearts and minds to receive Christ in a full measure. Have you ever been given a gift unexpectedly by someone who had no reason to give you a gift, nor anything to gain by giving you that gift? That’s just like Prevenient Grace. This is God’s way of expressing love for us before we did anything to deserve it, and that’s the mysterious beauty of Christianity–we can never be good enough for grace,¬†yet we constantly receive it.


This is the most well-known form of Grace. This is God making things right. Literally, God is justifying His love for you through this gloriously mysterious force of love. Justifying Grace means this: It doesn’t matter what you have done, what you are, who you know, or even who you are, God loves you, God forgives you, and God wants to know you. The only thing we have to do is receive this. Justifying Grace makes us right with God.¬†

This is all part of God’s plan to better your life. Isn’t that amazing?


The word sanctifying comes from the Latin infinitive¬†sanctificare, which means “to treat as holy.” When we discuss God’s Sanctifying Grace, we are referring to the extravagant love God gives each of us to put us on the trajectory to be more like Christ. That is, to have the mind of Christ: loving God, neighbor & self with all that we are. This is sheer goodness God extends to us, despite our prior and present actions. Upon accepting this form of grace, expect to see a positive change in your life. This is just the beginning of a beautifully new life in Jesus the Christ.

United Methodist Church

As a member of the connectional United Methodist Church system, we are happy to share with you an in-depth, unified, articulate, and well-detailed format of our theology. Click or tap the link below to read it.